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How to reduce SubscriptionTrackingDeletedObject table in CDS/Dynamics 365

SubscriptionTrackingDeletedObject is a mysterious table that can grow to a large size in CDS/Dynamics 365 CE instances where a lot of deletion is done. This article will tell you how to change install a tool that allows you to change the retention period of the logs in this table to reduce its size.

Forms Pro Flow activity set regarding

Using Flow to send a Survey in Forms Pro uses a different syntax than the CDS connector for setting the regarding fields to CDS related data. This is how.

TCP Chimney

Today I was working with a customer and we have had some weird SSIS intermittent errors where the Native OLE DB / SQL Client was giving me some trouble with really weird errors. Errors like these: CRM service call returned an error: CRM service call returned an error: The request channel timed out...

Azure guest accounts in CDS/Dyn365

Azure Active Directory (AAD) has a feature where it allows users of foreign tennants to be granted access to the current tennant. In other word, if you are running contoso.com and a user of northwind.com would like to have access, you can add this user as a guest account in Azure. However, I have found that giving this user access to Dynamics is not fully straight forward, although, it is far from rocket science. In this article I will show how this is done.

Uninstalling Employee Self Service Portal – step by step

A customer of involontarily gotten a Dynamics 365 Employee portal installed. I had to remove it. It has 21 (!?) solutions which are interdependent. This is how I fixed it.

Server Side Sync with Forward mailbox and SMTP

Most often when setting up server side sync, especially in Online environments, Dynamics 365 CE/CDS is connected to Exchange Online. This is rather straight forward. Even in less straight forward cases like On-prem to On-prem or the so called hybrid cases of on-line to on-prem where the involved...

New times, new blog – less nagging!

Time for a new blog engine, time for a new blog title and time for my own domain to blog from and above all, time for Jonas Rapp to stop nagging about me blogging on blogspot. Old blog is still up and running and I will keep it there for some time as long as people find interesting stuff there. As...

Formating Web API query for getting VoC Survey questions

Working with a Flow to do some text analysis and sentiment analysis on Voice of the customer responses. The trick, as the payment model is per run, is to trigger it per Survey Response, and not Question Response. Hence the logic has to loop through all the question responses. The way you create a...

Quickfind bug in

Tonight Microsoft rolled out an update to Dynamics 365 that seemed to have had a few issues. Most noteably if you have any Lookup-fields in a quickfind views "Find"-columns, it will break. Most of the time, not always. Microsoft knows about this, there are angry threads talking about this, like...

Dynamics 365 Saturday in Stockholm – will be a blast!

For the first time ever 9 Business Solutions MVP:s will converge on Stockholm to share their knowledge! In the amazing Dynamics 365 Saturday event which will be held on the 10:th of November 2018 at the Microsoft Office in Kista, just outside Stockholm. As usual, the Dynamics 365 Saturdays are...
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