CRM 4.0 Trial ready for download

Finally CRM 4.0 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) and trial versions can be downloaded here:

I would also like to point out that there are (at least) three different media types in general released from Microsoft.

MSDN – Can use MSDN or Trial keys.

Normal – Can use Trial or “Normal” license keys.

Volume Licence – Can only use volume license keys. If you want a trial, use it for a maximum of 90 days and uninstall it.

This is important when installing a trial environment that might be upgraded to production environment in the future at a customer. Consideration has to be taken to their current license agreement with Microsoft, and you can never use the MSDN media to install a production server.

There might be exceptions to this rule, for instance, a MSDN media might accept a normal license key, but I would not expect it.

Gustaf Westerlund
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant

WM-Data/Logica CMG