Problems with Peoplesearch in MOSS 2007

Today I ran into some problems concerning People-search in MOSS 2007. My customer was using https for their main sharepoint site and I had installed the mysite host on the same web application (in https://servername/mysite) according to the specifications found around the net.

Well, my customer just couldn’t get the people search to work, and I had heard that there were some problems with using it on a site that runs on https (http with ssl), so I wasn’t very surprised. As a bit of backgroud, the peoplesearch is set up as a contentsource in the search using sps3://servername. The server in this case should be the web application hosting mysite.

Well, how to solve it. First of all I tried to just create and extension of the sharepoint application on http port 2000 (http://servername:2000). It worked just as it should, when I browsed it, it worked and I was also tranfered to the default site (https://servername).

I tried adding this as a content source instead of the old one, in other words:
sps3://servername:2000, sadly it didn’t work.

As a matter of fact, we had got it to work previously in the same environment. We had first installed sharepoint on http://home and then added with an extension and an alternate access mapping. The later was used as the address to be used from the outside, by using MS ISA as a reverse proxy. After a while, the customer complained about problems with people copying/emailing url:s that didn’t work from the outside. (the url was http://home/… and not…, so not very strange. This resulted in the action of removing the alternate access mapping of http://home (the original one) so that only remained (and was hence set at the default). This worked great, people could enter “home” in their IE and they would reach the site

However, when I removed the alternate access mapping for http://home, people search started failing.

So, the remedy, I added an alternate access mapping for http://home:2000 in the zone Intranet (doesn’t really matter, which zone as long as it isn’t the default), re-indexed the search server and made a full crawl that worked like a charm! The point of using TCP port 2000 was that is is very unlikely that a user might just happen to enter that, it could just have been 1234 aswell…

Gustaf Westerlund
CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB