What do you need to have a Voice?

What do you need to have a Voice?

Have been trying to install Voice of the customer for one of my customers. As with larger customers,
and of course, many of the smaller ones too, I am not allowed to (and I don’t really want to) be the global admin in their Office 365. I am however a Dynamics 365 Service Admin, which I think is fair.

So I was trying to provision Voice of the Customer (VoC) but it failed and after many weird loops and dances with support, of which I will not mention here, I finally got hold of Microsoft support and they were able to tell me that not only did I need to get hold of one of the global admins (you know, one of the scary pale guys who they lock in a safe somewhere cause god knows what would happen if they stepped in front of a car…) but the user also needs to have a full plan 1 Dynamics 365 license.

Said and done, we allocated it, and restarted the installation – do remember that you have to install VoC from the “Applications” tab, and not only as a Solution.

So, quick recap:
To install VoC, you need:
– Dynamics 365 online instance
– User with Dynamics 365 Plan 1 license
– Same user with Global Admin rights

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB