I recieved this question by email from one of the readers of this blog and thought that I might aswell let all of you in on the answer. (I’ve take the liberty to remove his name and to correct a few typos).

Hi Gustaf,
Let me introduce myself, I am XXX new to MS CRM. I got your mail id through your blog.I am mailing you as we have a urgent query with respect to mscrm. We have a company domain, which is being used by the entire organisation, now if i am going to install MS CRM 3.0 Server setup do we need to have a different domain/domain controllers for the CRM. Are their any issues which must be taken care of before going ahead, as we will be dealing with the live domain. The objective of this is to integrate with sharepoint technologies. I will be thankful for your earlier response.

Regards, XXX

—- My answer:

When you install MS CRM 3 it will add a few groups to the AD, but apart from that will not touch the AD. MS CRM:s user handling and security information is stored in the MS CRM database hence no need for further schema extensions of the AD.

I understand your concern when installing on a live domain but there should not be any problems. If you still feel a bit worried, you can always install MS CRM in a virtual environment and see the changes for you self.

The live CRM server should be installed in the company domain.

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