I attended a local CRM conference yesterday and I met a very interesting company with a very cool product! The company is Enecto and their product ProspectFinder helps you monitor who visits you websites and their behaivior on you site, like what pages they are looking at and how long.

It works by looking up IP-adresses in a huge database containing most companys of more than 8 emplyees in northern Europe. Then, by using information from DnB and filtering on the more interesting visitors, automated lead creaton can be made directly into you CRM-system.

At the moment there is no connector to MS CRM but according to the guy I talked to, Petter Andersson, it was in the progress of being made.

The lengths of where you can go with this product are far from exploited. The more obvious of creating leads from interesting visitors and adapting content to different companytypes, are discussed in more depth on their site. Look around, and you might get a phone call 🙂

Click the heading of this posting to go to their site!

Gustaf Westerlund
CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB