There have been some large and small stuff changing in the last few days in the way that new customers are being handled when the want to register for a trial.

If you go to the global site, you will notice that there is a new “Get Started” orange rectangle on the right hand side. In this box, there is no “Start 30-day trial” but instead “TestDrive CRM”. This is rather interesting. If you choose this, the next screen will start asking you some questions, on what role you have, what size you company is, and where you work.

If you in this selection, choose 1-10, you will, and this might very well be changed, be show a page that welcomes you to download Business Contact Manager for Outlook. End of story. The logic being that no companies in the size of 1-10 could possibly be interested in Dynamics CRM. I find this a bit strange as I know for a fact that this is not true as I have many customers that have less than 10 users and still are very happy with their system.

The other interesting thing in the questions, is the role selector. The available roles are the following:
– Sale Representative
– Sales Manager
– Customer Care Representative
– Customer Care Manager

I find this list rather short, for instance lacking in roles such as CEO, CFO and CIO/IT-Manger or IT-Adminstrator.

But this is also only the first version so we might very well see updates to this very soon.

It seems a bit hard to find the original form for regisitering a trial org from the american site, but from the Swedish Microsoft CRM site it still works and this link should work:

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, CEO and owner at CRM-konsulterna AB