When blogging on this blog I try to keep content king why I would rather not blog than blog about
something that I don’t think brings value to you as readers. I have the greatest respect for you as readers of this blog and I hence try to keep the content focused on what typically developers, architects and application experts might be interested in.

Content is King

However, there are a lot of other topics that are relevant as well and we have started blogging about those as well at CRM-Konsulterna. You can find it at http://crmpaketet.se/blogg/ where we discuss matters which are of more interest to salespeople. It is in Swedish as this is our primary market and it is also part of our new digitalization strategy which we are implementing with inbound content marketing (the blogging and articles) and technically driven by ClickDimensions as the Marketing Automation tool. This is a great new way of doing business but requires all the techy parts to really work so there is a lot of room for us tech-weenies to get our hands dirty. But the tricky part is getting the business end people on track, they are usually a bit slow (not dumb) when it comes to changes and hence it takes some time for them to accept these new ideas of digitalization.

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB