Finally it is here! Dynamics CRM 2016 was announced yesterday as general availability. If  you havn’t tried it yet, do spin up a trial to test it out.

By the way, when doing that, don’t do it the normal way, start an Office E3 trial by going here first
and then start a CRM trial from within that. That way you can try out the SharePoint integration with OneNote etc. which is a lot harder to do if you just start a normal trial.

So, what is new? Well, Microsoft are kind enough to write a help page telling us! If you press the question mark in the right hand corner in CRM you will come to CRM Help & Training. At the bottom there is a “What’s new link” which will show you, just that.

Personally I really like the excellent Interactive Service Hub but I really hope it will be a bit better integrated into the rest of the system.

The new solution framework also promises a lot. It is an area which a lot of us have been wishing for new stuff for a long long time. Sadly I havn’t had time to dive deep into it yet, and you really need several instances to test it fully!

The new word and excel document generation functionality is also great!

In short, get cracking!

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB