As many of you already know and probably have used, it is possible using javascript to create dynamic drop-down-lists. For instance one drop-down list that selects country and another that lets you select a city in that country. Depending on which country you select, you want the options in the city drop-down to change.

This is a quite common task in MS CRM where javascript is a common tool. In SharePoint however, javascript isn’t as common. I am currently working with a colleague of mine, Sebastian Tegel, at a large swedish customer of ours. They had this requirement on some metadata in a SharePoint library so Sebastian and I used the same principles as I usually use in MS CRM to create dynamic drop-down lists in SharePoint. Sebastian has a very nice and instructive posting on his blog on how this is done. Please have a look at it:

In the posting before that, he also describes how to create your own custom edit form for a document properties page. This is very useful in these cases, so please have a look at that as well. (

Gustaf Westerlund
CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB