As many of you know, in CRM 3 there is a special view of an entity form called quickcreate. This is used when you press “New” in a lookup window. For instance, on an account you can press: select primary contact, when the search dialog shows you can instead of selecting an existing contact press the new button and a “slimline” version of the contact form show with just the must-have and should-have fields available.

In CRM 4 this feature is not used any more and the complete form will always be shown in this case, however, the functionality hasn’t been removed. I tried to find some kind of reference to it in the SDK but couldn’t so I had a look in the original CRM code in CRM 3 and found how to do it.

To open a form as quick create, find the object type code (1 = account etc) and go to the URL:

For example, for account on the local machine when CRM is installed on port 5555 and the company is named “company”:

Since I couldn’t find any official reference to this in the SDK it is very possibly unsupported to do this but it works for now. Any hotfixes or similar might, but are not very likely to change this functionality, new versions of CRM like are more likely to change/remove this functionality.

Gustaf Westerlund
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Architect