Today I was working with a customer who wanted to show their SSRS 2005 reports in SharePoint. As many of you might be aware, from SP 2 of SQL 2005 there is an option of storing you reports on the SharePoint Server. Very nice, but I havn’t really tried getting that to work with MS CRM 3, so the SSRS I was using ran in normal mode, i.e. not SharePoint integration. However, I did want to show the reports and the reports explorer in SharePoint. For SharePoint v2 there has long existed, which is a web part package consisting of two web parts; report viewer and report explorer.

After a bit of looking I couldn’t find it for SharePoint v3, and found some information saying that the old webparts actually still worked well. So, after the always so tedious work of trying to locate the file, (it cannot be downloaded from the Internet as far as I know) I installed it using stsadm –o installwp -o addwppack -force –filename “” –globalinstall (use stsadm –help addwppack to see possible syntax), and adding the RSWebparts.dll as a safecontroll (with the correct strong name). I got it to work, just as nicely as it did in SharePoint v2. So, my suggestion to you, if you have the same need, use the old one.

And where can you find the file? It is installed in some impossible path bellow c:program filesSQL Server of a SQL 2000 SP2 (or greater) server. So, get your hands on it, and don’t let go. I don’t think I can publish it here though, due to copyright reasons.