CRM 2011 Release Candidate and installation

As most of you dedicated CRM nerds most certainly already know, the Release Candidate for CRM 2011 has been released.

As we at CRM-Konsulterna want to act as we preach, we have of course installed it and are now trying it out.

We are a small company and do not yet have an AD except one for our development environments on our virtual server host that we rent. So, our computers are not part of the domain that the CRM resides in.

An interesting thing about the Outlook client installation was that when we tested the connection, it worked just fine, but when trying to press the OK button in the configuration wizard, it just complained with the following error message “The server address (URL) is not valid.”.

After some digging, I found that the reason was that the stored URL that the discovery service returns is actually the computer name, and since our working computers arn’t part of the CRM:s AD, it couldn’t find it.

The simple fix is to add an entry in the local hosts file located in “C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts” (if you installed windows to C:Windows of course).

There is probably some entry in the database, where this is located as well, I had a quick look but didn’t find it. If you know where, please let me know. The registry serverurl in the MSCRM key does not seem to be right. At least it does not change the webservice displayed in the customizations pages of CRM.

CRM 2011 looks and feels, really good, there are some minor buggs but it is a large step from CRM 4 which is a very good application as well.

Gustaf Westerlund
CEO, Chief Architect and co-Founder at CRM-konsulterna AB