Working on a new environment recently I had to remove a few tables. However, after removing all normal dependencies, it complained finally about a dependency to the table: entityanalyticsconfig. Never heard about it. After some googling on Microsoft Learn I found that it is about the sync to datalake, which was funny as we hadn’t set up any sync. I think it might be the new Microsoft Fabric sync from Dataverse that might be causing this. It might be switched on by default in the case that you have change tracking switched on.

Also I couldn’t find it in advanced find (the old or new one) but with in XrmToolBox I was able to find it and also the rows that were associated with it. So, I created FetchXml for these specific rows, used the tool Bulk Delete Tool (no not Bulk Delete Manager, which I made) by Andy Popkin and simply ran the delete for these specific rows. This allowed me to remove the dependency and then remove the tables.

I hope this will help you too!