4:th MVP Award!

4:th MVP Award!

And again it is the time of the year of waiting…

First of July has for the last three years been horrible. Have I been active enough? Maybe I should have blogged a bit more? Maybe written another book or presented at another seminar… and the clock ticks… and you know that the time in Seattle is a bit later than in Sweden so you just have to be patient, usually the mail doesn’t show up until late in the afternoon.

But I have got a trick, look at the MVP site and see if the profile has been updated, so I checked, and it did say that I now was on my forth year. But, the email. You need the email. Some loose it in their junkmail. The email is the final proof, The site might be wrong.

And the clock ticked. Tock.

4 pm. Maybe I’ll see more if I logg in to the MVP-site.

Aha, Award end date, next year! That looks good. Maybe I did make it after all. 
Then. PLING. You have mail.
The feeling is just great every year!
Congrats to all my fellow MVP:s who got renewed and if there are any new CRM MVP:s out there, a hearty Congrats, renewing is great but the first time is best!

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB