Update on BPF gotcha

Wrote an article a few days ago on the BPF new architecture and effects that it might have.

I spoke with Roger Gilchrist, a Principal Program Manager with the Product team during the eXtreme365 conference and he mentioned that using the “Process Stage” fields are actually not supported if you read the SDK very closely. This document is a very long document and it is not very clear in the UI and there is no other very obvious way of solving triggering on stage changes than the triggering on Process Stage changes, with which he did agree.

The important lesson from that, I think is that not everything you see in the UI is actually supported for use.

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB

Be critical of the Internet – goes for CRM blogs too

Be critical of the Internet – goes for CRM blogs too

You have to decide…

Did you know that Putin has a summer house in Florida?
Vaccines make you sick!
To change base currency in CRM, just run this script, there is no risk!

The Internet is full of bad information. Ever found something on a blog on Internet and tried it? A script, some code or something else that you really didn’t know what it did. Could you really trust the source?

I have met customers and sometimes even partners who mention that “Well I found a solution to this very complex problem XX, you just run this script YY on the CRM database, it was on a blog on Internet. Like a blog on Internet, like this one is some oracle of truth. I am sorry to break it to you, but this is not so. Just as with everything else you see and hear on the Internet, you need to be critical about the information, and judge it and the source where it is coming from. In the end, it is you who are responsible for what you are doing with the CRM system. If you happen to run a script that is bad, install a auto numbering solution that causes masses amounts of locking or copy paste an unsupported script into the onload of the account form, it is still your responsibility. Hence I recommend that you do not run or insert anything that you do not fully understand or have gotten from a source that you feel that you can trust has verified the contents.

If you don’t know it, the Dynamics CRM SDK page on unsupported customizations is a really good page to start with. If something you find, is listed here, you should really think again. Remember that the current cadance of CRM is very rapid, you cannot afford to have a system that is not upgradable or on which you cannot get support if you get into big problems.


With that said, there is a great and wonderful community out there with a lot of great and wonderful tools and advice, so don’t stop using it, just be a bit critical.

So, who am I to say this. A very good question. If you feel this question is relevant, and question the validity of this argument, I think you have gotten the point.

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, Founder and CTO at CRM-konsulterna AB


The new CRM SDK has been released, if you havn’t already heard. There are some smaller updates and some fixes. It can be downloaded here:

Talked to my collegue Michael Jansson today and he told me he met some guys down in Malmö who said they followed my blog. Thanks guys, to know that there are some really sharp CRM and SharePoint consultants that find this blog valuable is a great compliment. If there is anything concerning CRM and SharePoint you would like me to blog about, please send me a mess and I will see what I can do. Nothing is to basic, there will always be people who are new to CRM and SharePoint, and if you’re not careful, they might be way ahead of you in no time at all.

I have also seen the first screenshots from Titan (code name for the next version of CRM) and it looks really good and there seems to be some really inovative features that will boost this already great program! So, be there or be square (swe: “Var där, eller var rektangulär 😉

Gustaf Westerlund
CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB