As many of you might know there is an integration product by the company Tectura to use for integration between MS CRM and Navision. I have been working with this and would like to share a few thoughts on this.

In general it works well when you get it installed properly, something you have to allocate quite a lot of time to. At least a couple of weeks.

It is, out-of-the-box, a technical integration of the products, i.e. it transfers information but implements very little business logic, something you have to add later. For instance if you block a product in Navision, this information is propagated to CRM to a field but it does not stop users from placing orders with the product.

The integration does not concern all entities. The integration mainly concerns account, orders, quotes. Products, Invoices and Units of Measure (and schedules) are sent from Nav to CRM but not back. Note that the integration does not treat contacts, pricelists, oppurtunities. Many salespeople also like to get information on the payment status of invoices. This is not included by default.

Summary being that Tectura is a good foundation for integration between CRM and Nav but be sure to note its limitations and make sure you have skilled CRM and Nav programmers to make the integration as tight as the customer most likely would like it to be.

I will probably blog some more on this subject later.

Gustaf Westerlund
CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB