Privileges regarding the price list entity has some interesting quirks to it as I found out working with it recently.

Yesterday I was working together with Christian Högman at Midpoint trying to help out a common customer of ours who it turned out had an interesting issue. Their typical users had a role that did not allow them to set a price list on an opportunity. So, just add “Read” privilege to the Price list entity, you might think, well, not so easy, as this entity does not exist in the security role matrix.

Well, after some trial and error we found that what was actually required was “Read” and “Append To” privilege Product.

So if you facing the same or similar issues, with price lists, try working with privileges on the product entity as this seems to be the entity that also controls price list.

If you havn’t read my colleague Rickards latest blog posting on some really interesting bugs we (mostly he) have found in how queues work and in some cases don’t work, at least as expected.

Gustaf Westerlund
MVP, CEO and owner at CRM-konsulterna AB