Today I am working with a customer who has used other CRM consultants previously. It is always interesting. In this case the QA/testing environment was not up to date and wasn’t acutally working at all. All changes had been made directly in production, not really my cup of coffe, as I like things to be a bit more controlled. Just for the record, it is a CRM 4 system, but the I do believe the same issue applies to CRM 2011 aswell.

So, I wanted to get the QA-environement up to date with the production environment and started by exporting all customizations from production and attempted to import them into the QA-environment. (Backing up that enviroments customizatons first of course). Well, that didn’t actually work, and I didn’t get a very good error message, just some non-descript error. When looking in the event viewer I got a ASP.NET error saying that “Post size exceeded allowed limits.” which of course go me thinking about the size of the customization file. Checking it, I found that it was almost 9 MB, which is above the set  8 MB ceiling. After some pondering about which parts of the customizations might be the issue, I found that the Templates part was about 7.9 MB. So, my suggestion is to keep this in mind especially when exporting customizations/solutions from production systems that Templates can be very large and might brake the maximum transfer size of 8 MB. This maximum size can be changed, but that is another issue.

Gustaf Westerlund
CEO, Chief Architect and co-Founder at CRM-konsulterna AB